Be different and go for handmade painting decor for your walls

Do you want your guests to leave your home fascinated by the ambiance and the perfect compatibility in the interior?

Be different and go for a handmade painting decor for your walls.

Really good offers for many kinds of decoration you can find in the virtual space of Helix ltd. company. Their website is There are few categories besides Decoration in the catalogue – Home and Living, Jewelry and Clothing and accessories.

Be different and go for handmade painting decor for your walls

A handmade painting does not necessarily represent some huge photography stuck to the wall. There are different shapes, graphics and images that you can combine. Geometric images, for example, are some of the most preferred, as they create a more modern and fancy look. With their right shapes and symmetry they bring order and harmony.

The contrast between light and dark colors awakens and stimulates the human eye, giving it a sense of depth and dynamics.

“EVERY PAINTING IS A VOYAGE TO A SACRED HARBOUR” – Giotto di Bondone. Do you love to travel? Awesome! This is your way to go on vacance everyday when you go back home after a busy day at work. A handmade painting hung on the wall in like a poetry in a book. You won’t get used to it, the appreciation will always be in your eyes.

The touch of art may enrich our lives in so many ways. The online gallery features original paintings by local newcomers and established masters of paintings. Browse our selection and find something worth your time.

Visit the website and you will be very impressed how talented are all the arists in this company. And if you don’t know how much things a handmade painting changes in the room, you will be convinced for sure!